Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The "Blythe Bible"

I was sent a Blythe Folder containing pretty much the beginnings of Kenner Blythe Dolls information, by the Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough, for my collection.  He told me that he was sending me what he called a "Blythe Bible", a file filled basically with designs, pricing, handwritten notes, etc. from a former Kenner employee that he had acquired during one of his hunts.

The Toy Hunter said that I could post the contents to share with all Blythe Collectors too and he also told me that it's been over 40 years that it was not subject to any copy write restrictions. It's all photocopies that I have, with a few color copies, and not the originals, but they're still great for referencing!

If you are a major collector of Blythe dolls this is probably like plastic crack for you. lol Others may not really care about these but I did find them very interesting myself. He sent it to me a few years ago but unfortunately it wasn't the right time to post it with all that nastiness on Tumblr involving an anonymous troll bashing Blythe doll people but it finally seems that it's gone so I don't mind sharing now. There are 80 pictures so I figured that I would post them all raw because they are pretty much self-explanatory.

To back it up a bit on how I managed to have the Toy Hunter send me the folder in the first place.  Well, it's because I contacted Jordan about a month earlier on Facebook and asked him a few questions about the possibility of Blythe Dolls being featured Toy Hunters Show.  He was so super kind, answered them, and then offered me the folder shortly after.

The night before I posted all this I had a dream about a Blythe doll and since the nasty Tumblrs were gone too I figured what a sign and it was perfect timing to post it all!

Please enjoy!

AnnaBlytheDoll xo

p.s. I just want to add if you want to share these pics then I don't mind but please credit AnnaBlytheDoll with a link to this post, also credit the Toy Hunter because again it's thanks to him we have them and he said it was okay to post. 


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